Book an Appointment to Try Dresses

Covid-19 Extra Rules:
1. Masks must be worn while inside the boutique

2. Groups are not allowed inside in the boutique. Clients may only be accompanied by 2 other people (total in group in 3 people including the client trying on clothing).

3. Please do not come if you feel sick or have cold/flu like symptoms like coughing/allergies.

Book your appointment to try dresses on at the boutique!
Call between Monday-Friday 11am-5pm at 305 935 2228 to schedule an appointment. Weekends are by appointment only, please call during the week to schedule an appointment.

Before arriving, we suggest you check the collection on the website to have an idea of what you are looking for.

Walk-ins are welcome but wait times vary, you are welcome to browse our inventory while waiting or check the website to view the collection online while waiting.

Our sales staff will not pressure you into a dress to make a sale as they do not work on commission.  The majority of department stores and boutiques work on commission which is not the proper way of selling dresses. We want you to feel amazing, confident, and happy with your choice of purchase.

Our sales associates will ask you your price range to better assist you, our dresses range from affordable to moderately priced. Looking for a deal? Tell our sales associates you want to see our sale dresses!

We must assist you in the dressing room because our dresses need our utmost attention by our trained sales staff. If you do not wish one-on-one help then we unfortunately can not allow you to try on dresses at our store.

No pictures are allowed to be taken in the store, but a brief video chat is permitted if you need to consult with others for opinions. 

Please do not come in with food or drinks as we need to keep the floor and merchandise clean and stain-free.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!